5735 Menzies Road
Duncan, B.C. V9L 6G7

About Us


Our store is owned by Jim and Pat Peach and is located on our Farm which is called Cowichan Valley Farms Ltd.

We are beekeepers with a moderate number of hives.

We Sell:

  • Bee Supplies (geared toward the beginner)
  • Bees (NUCS)
  • Honey
  • COMING SOON – Starter PLANTS and seeds that bees love.
  • 2020 we will be selling Packages of Bees
  • 2020 we will be selling Queens

We are free range farmers as well.  We raise free range beef, chicken and turkey.
This is the website for our meat products: http://cowichan-valley-farms.com

MOTTO:  To Make Beekeeping Affordable for the Backyard bee keeper.