NEWSFLASH:  We are now a Distributor of Global Pollen Patties !!


We are now a Distributor of

Global Pollen Patties !!

New shipment of pollen patties  has just arrived.

Freshly made in August,

15% Global Pollen Patties.

1-10 patties  $4.00 each
11-39 patties, $3.75 each
One Box of patties or more: $3.25/pattie =  $130/box

*each pattie is 1 lb
Each box is 40 lbs with 40 pattie

ORDER FORM if you want them wrapped up ahead of time.

Ask us about free delivery to other parts of the island outside of the Cowichan Valley

Feeding is like insurance.  Some years, the Fall flows may be good enough that the improvements from feeding are minimal, but other years, the Fall feed may make the difference between 50% wintering loss and 10% loss.  It is impossible to know in advance, and equally hard to prove afterwards.  Fortunately the cost of throwing on a patty or two is very low, so the risk/reward ratio is high.

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