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How to Keep Bees Alive

Session: How to Keep Bees Alive
Instructor: Don Lambert

Feb. 20th 1:00 pm OPEN
February 27th, 10:00 am FULL

This 2 hour session covers the basics of how to keep bees alive. When and how to feed them and how to prevent and control varroa mites, wasps etc.

Don Lambert teaches the ‘Beginners Corner’ at the Capital Region Beekeepers Club and uses a very practical, easy to understand approach and is open to interaction and questions. He uses visuals, props and hand outs.

This session has a limit of 10 people and will only be conducted if the Provincial COVID health restrictions allow it and masks will be required and social distancing will be adhered to. It is being held in a large shop with a big wood stove and lots of room. But if it is below zero, dress warm.

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How to Keep Bees Alive by Don Lambert
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