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Extraction Season is Here

Extraction Season is Here

WE HAVE ALL YOU NEED FOR HONEY Production and Extraction.!!!

We have in Stock:

Honey Extractor for sale – 2 Frame manual stainless steel NEW

RENT our 3 Frame Extractor (Manual) $30 a day or $50 for 2 days

Honey Supers 6 5/8″
Unassembled $16.50
Assembled add $10

Frames and Foundation for Honey supers.

Wooden or Plastic

Bee Brush

Extraction Supplies

Nylon Cone Filters
$8.95 and $9.95

5 Gallon Food Safe Buckets   NEW

Lids for 5 gallon buckets with pour spout.    NEW

Nylon honey gate

Pail Perch for 5 gallon bucket   NEW
$19.95 (holds 5 gallon pail in place while it empties into another 5 gal bucket)

Electric Heated Uncapping Knife NEW

Uncapping Fork

5 Gallon Blanket Heater to keep your honey liquid but not too too hot.  NEW


500ml Glass Jars with lids $12.00 for a box of 12  NEW

more options coming soon.

Nutritional labels 1.5″ x 2″  NEW
$.10 ea


Mite-Away-Quick Strips   NEW
$18.00 for a 2 dose container

Apivar Strips
$40.50 for 10 pack

Frame Holder/Perch NEW

15% Pollen Patties

Bee Suits
Full Suits S, M. L in stock
Jackets M, L, XXL in Stock
Kids suits  6-8 and 8-10 in stock. (fit small)

Adult sizes: S, M, L all in stock
Kids gloves: S, M in stock