New Items – April 2019

NEW and FEATURED Products:

Plastic Top Feeders – $21.00 (REDUCED PRICE)

NEW ITEM: Varroa Mite Counter Jar $21.00

NEW ITEM: Formic Pro Mite Strips. Organic. Safe with honey.  From the makers of ‘Mite-Away-Quick-Strips’ but with a 2 year shelf life. (Yay)
2 Dose package $17.50

Great Deal: Starter Kit $139.50

Pollen Patties – 1 lb strips for $2.00 ea  (REDUCED PRICE)

 Hive top Feeder - plastic varroa mite counter jar 

Formic Pro 2 Dose Mite Control   Single Hive Starter Kit 

Bee Pro Patties Plus

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