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NUC Request Form 2022

This is a WAITING LIST request form only – We are essentially SOLD OUT, but  often have more NUCS than we sell.  Better to ‘Under Sell’ than ‘ Over Sell’.

This form is a request to be notified in the event that we have extra NUCS.  You probably won’t hear from us till June.

*It does not guarantee that we will sell you a NUC.

Priority will be given to people who have taken courses, joined bee clubs and have done research to gain knowledge on what is involved.
We are filtering our requests and will be asking you about your knowledge of beekeeping.

For those of you already confirmed to received a NUC from us, we will fill the orders in the same order that they were received.

Generally speaking the NUCS roll out on a bi-weekly basis as the base colonies grow and are large enough for the splitting.

They start in May and go till Summer Solstice. June 21st.  We do not sell after that date, unless they are more than 6 frames, to ensure they have time to build up for winter.

Please read this page first:

NUC - WAITING LIST Request 2022

NUC - WAITING LIST Request 2022

Please fill out the form below

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If we have extra NUCS we will contact you. We are filtering our NUC requests and giving priority to people who have taken courses and have some knowledge of how to keep bees. From this approved list we will fill the orders in the same order that we receive them. If you have not acquired any knowledge of bees, please do fill out this form. All of our NUCS have been inspected and we will have a permit to sell them.
(We will contact you by email to confirm our receipt of this form)