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5 Gallon (20L) Honey Pail with Lid and Honey Gate (Food Grade), $35.00jars-containers extracting
Vaporizer (Canada) Heilyser JB 200$125.00pest-control
Oxalic Acid 1kg$24.95pest-control
Oxalic Acid Tablets (1g ea)$12.00pest-control
5 Gallon (20L) Food Safe Pail with Lid, $20.00jars-containers extracting
Oxalic Acid 140g$8.95pest-control
2.5 Gallon (10L) Food Safe Honey Pail with Lid, $12.00jars-containers extracting
260ml Hexagon Jars (12 oz), $15.60jars-containers extracting
Formic Pro - 2 Dose Pack$26.00pest-control
Formic Pro - 10 Dose Pack$79.00pest-control
Child Beekeeping Suits$90.00bee-suits
Plastic 'All-in-One' Frames, , $4.75hive-parts frames-found assembled hive
The Beast Blocker - Stop Robbing & Wasps, , $14.00pest-control hive-tools hive-parts hive
Comb Uncapping and Scratching Fork, $12.50extracting hive-tools
Cotton Beekeeping Suit - Round Hat & Veil$125.00bee-suits
750ml Glass Honey Jars, $19.95jars-containers extracting
Queens MORE in 2024bees
500ml Glass Honey Jars with Gold lid - 500 ml, $17.95jars-containers extracting
375ml Glass Honey Jars - 375 ml with lid, $15.25jars-containers extracting
Beekeeping Suit -Fencing Veil - Sizes: Small - 3XL$125.00bee-suits
Ventilated Suit - Tall - Round Hat with Veil$150.00bee-suits
Beekeeping Pants / Trousers$40.00bee-suits
Beekeeping Jacket - Pullover with Fencing Veil$70.00bee-suits
Cotton Beekeeping Jacket - Round hat$85.00bee-suits
Hive Kit #1 - Single Box. SOLD OUTstarter-kits
Ventilated Beekeeping Jacket - 2 Hood Styles$125.00bee-suits
Foundation Plastic - Deep - Volume Discounts, $2.15hive-parts frames-found hive
Foundation Plastic - Medium, $2.05hive-parts frames-found hive
Hive Kit #2 - Two Deep Boxes SOLD OUTstarter-kits
Wooden Frames - 10 pack - for Medium Boxes - Unassembled, , , $21.12hive-parts wooden-ware frames-found unassembled hive
Wooden Frames - 10 pack, Deep, Unassembled, VOLUME DISCOUNTS, , , $21.20hive-parts wooden-ware frames-found unassembled hive
190ml Hexagon Glass Jars with Lid -190 ml glass jar$13.50jars-containers
Hive Kit #3 with 3 Boxes D,D,M SOLD OUTstarter-kits
110ml Hexagon Glass Honey Jars (4 oz), $12.25jars-containers extracting
Beekeeping Suit for Children YELLOW$90.00bee-suits
Hive Kit #4 with all Medium Boxes (3 or 4)$282.51starter-kits
Vaporizer (made in China)$46.00pest-control
45ml Hexagon glass Jars 24 per box 45 ml with lid$16.00jars-containers
Assembled Deep Brood Box, , $35.00hive-parts wooden-ware assembled hive
Inner Cover #1 notched, $22.00hive-parts wooden-ware hive
Screened Bottom Board - Pine, $38.00hive-parts wooden-ware hive
Solid Bottom Board, $22.00hive-parts wooden-ware hive
Assembled Deep Brood Box with Wood Frames, , $84.10hive-parts wooden-ware assembled hive
Assembled Medium Box, , $29.00hive-parts wooden-ware assembled hive
Assembled Medium Box with Wood Frames, , $80.60hive-parts wooden-ware assembled hive
Deep Frame Feeder 1 Gallon$16.95feeding-equipment
Frame Holder Perch SOLD OUThive-tools
J Hive Tool$14.00hive-tools
Mite Testing Counter Jar$21.00pest-control
Smoker for Hobbyists$30.00hive-tools
Sticky Board for Mite Counting$7.00pest-control
Top Feeder (Yellow) for Flow Hive or Langstroth$13.00feeding-equipment
Top Feeder 10 1/2" x 2"$16.50feeding-equipment
Wax Foundation Wired - Deep. * Volume Discounts, , $3.50hive hive-parts frames-found
Wax Foundation Wired - Medium, , $3.00hive hive-parts frames-found
Wax Foundation, Unwired. Medium, , $2.40hive hive-parts frames-found
Wood Frames - Assembled. 10 Pack. Deep., , , $52.60hive-parts wooden-ware frames-found assembled hive
Wood Frames - Assembled. 10 Pack. Mediums., , , $51.60hive-parts wooden-ware frames-found assembled hive
Wood Frames with Top Wedge & Holes 10 pack. Unassembled, , , $30.00hive-parts wooden-ware frames-found unassembled hive
'J' Hive Tool (Italian)$16.00hive-tools
1 Gallon Feeder Pail with Lid$12.75feeding-equipment
2" Screened Plug for Feeder Pails$4.00feeding-equipment
4 Frame NUC Box, $20.00hive-tools hive-parts hive
5 gallon Pail Heater, $199.00jars-containers extracting
8 Frame Spacer - Set of 2$2.00hive-parts hive
Apivar 12 Strip Pack$57.00pest-control
Apivar 4 Strip Pack$24.95pest-control
Bee Bookmark - metal$5.00beekeeper-gifts
Bee Bracelet - Dangly charms on leather$12.00beekeeper-gifts
Bee Cozy Winter Pillow$12.00winter-supplies
Bee Packages - More coming March & April 2024bees
Bee Pendant Necklace with Silver Chain$18.00beekeeper-gifts
Bee Socks - for Men & Womenbeekeeper-gifts
Beeswax - Bulk or Small orders - Sold by the Pound$11.50wicks-and-wax
Beeswax Candles - Coming Soonbeekeeper-gifts
Beeswax Tealight Candles - Coming Soon$2.50beekeeper-gifts
California Queen Cage$1.50queen-items
Candle Mould Release Spray$19.00wicks-and-wax
Candy Cap for JZ/BZ Queen Cage - 10 pack$4.00queen-items
Ceracell Top Feeder$25.00feeding-equipment
Deep inner Cover, , $28.00winter-supplies hive-parts wooden-ware hive
Deluxe 9-Frame Spacer | Metal Pair, $2.54hive-parts frames-found hive
Drone Frame - Deep, , $4.40pest-control hive-parts frames-found hive
Drone Frame - Medium, , $4.20pest-control hive-parts frames-found hive
Electric Honey Extractorsextracting
Entrance Waterer$3.00feeding-equipment
Fondant - Hive Alive Bee Fondant Patty 1 kg, , $8.40food winter-supplies feeding-equipment
Formic Acid 1 Litre$21.00pest-control
Frame Bar for Queen Rearing$3.50queen-items
Frame Saver 10 pack, $2.00hive-parts frames-found hive
Full Respirator Mask: Oxalic Acid Use$225.00pest-control
Fumagilin-B for Nosema (Two Size Options), , $38.90pest-control food feeding-equipment
Glass Jars with Lids - 9 Options, jars-containers extracting
Gold Lids for 750ml and 500m glass Honey Jars, $0.27jars-containers extracting
Half Respirator Mask$69.00pest-control
Hive Alive - Syrup Supplement 3 Sizes, $33.00food feeding-equipment
Honey Bear Bottle with lid$2.00jars-containers
HONEY-B-HEALTHY 16 oz, $38.75food feeding-equipment
JESTER EZ NUC Box, $25.00hive-parts unassembled hive
Ladder & Inserts for Frame Feeders$2.00feeding-equipment
Lids for 375ml jars - GOLD$0.25jars-containers
Light Hat with Mesh$15.00bee-suits
Local Island Queensbees
Nails for Frames varios, , $0.00hive-parts frames-found unassembled hive
Nicot Cups - 50 Pack$6.00queen-items
Nicot Queen Rearing Box with Cell Cups$25.00queen-items
Nicot Queen Rearing Kit$55.00queen-items
No More Ants - Leg Perches for Hives$20.00pest-control
NUC Box Sliding Metal Entrance Reducer$5.00hive-parts hive
NUC Box - 4 Frame Plastic Coroplast Material, $20.00hive-parts unassembled hive
Plastic Food Grade Pail with Lid | 3 kg (2.25 L), $4.75jars-containers extracting
Plastic Food Grade Pail with Lid | 5 kg (4 L), $6.00jars-containers extracting
Plastic Tealight Cups - bag of 30, 50 or 100$8.00wicks-and-wax
Propolis Collector$11.00hive-parts hive
Quebec Bee Escape Board, , , $24.95extracting hive hive-parts wooden-ware
Queen Grafting Tool - Chinese$6.00queen-items
Red Cone Bee Escapes$1.50hive-tools
Rustic Bee Ornament$6.00beekeeper-gifts
Spacer Rim 7/8", , $6.50winter-supplies hive-parts wooden-ware hive
Spacer Rims 3", , , $10.00winter-supplies hive hive-parts wooden-ware
Starter Kits and Hive Kitsassembled hive
Sticky Board Screen$5.00pest-control
Sweat Band$5.00bee-suits
Tealight Wicks with Tabs - Bag of 30, 50 or 100$7.50wicks-and-wax
Tool Set #1$61.40starter-kits
Tool Set #2$98.30starter-kits
Tool Set #3$221.90starter-kits
Ultra Bee Dry Pollen Substitute - 4 lbs in a Pail, $30.00food feeding-equipment
Vintage Metal Signs - Many Options$14.00beekeeper-gifts
Wasp Trap$1.00pest-control
Wick Holder$1.50wicks-and-wax
Wicks for Beeswax - Many Options - Prices Vary$0.25wicks-and-wax
Winter Hive Wrap - Double$25.00winter-supplies
Winter Hive Wrap - Single Box$20.00winter-supplies
Winter Wrap | BeeDry | Single or Double$25.00winter-supplies
Yellow Plastic Plugs - Four Sizes$0.00hive-tools
Hive Box Deep Unassembled, , $25.00hive-parts wooden-ware unassembled hive
Hive Box - Medium 6 5/8" Unassembled, , $19.50hive-parts wooden-ware unassembled hive
Hive Cover - Temporarily SOLD OUT, $39.50hive-parts wooden-ware hive
Inner Cover #2 notched (Plywood bottom), $25.00hive-parts wooden-ware hive
Bee Brush$9.50hive-tools
Smoker - 4 X 10"$45.00hive-tools
Deluxe Uncapping Fork, $25.00extracting hive-tools
Honey Filter Cone$9.50extracting
Honey Gate Valve - Spout$14.00extracting
Honey Pail Perch$19.95extracting
Hat with Veil$29.00bee-suits
Beekeeper Leather Gloves $18.00bee-suits
Hive Tool - Standard$8.95hive-tools
Nicot Queen Rearing Hair Roller Cage$1.70queen-items
Eyelets for wiring Wax Foundation - pack of 100$3.50frames-found hive
Child Beekeeping Gloves$17.00bee-suits
JZ/BZ Cell Cups Bag of 50$12.00queen-items
Queen Grafting Tool - German, $15.00hive-tools queen-items
Wooden Entrance Reducer, $3.25hive-parts wooden-ware hive
Scraper for Metal Queen Excluders$12.00hive-tools
Metal Mouse Guard, $8.00hive-tools hive-parts hive
Formic Acid 4L Bottle$48.00pest-control
Formic Acid Pads$0.11pest-control
Pollen Patties$4.50food
Queen Bee Frame and Marking Cage, $8.00hive-tools queen-items
Queen Catcher Clip Plastic, $8.00hive-tools queen-items
Needle Type Queen Cage, $8.00hive-tools queen-items
Honey Nutritional Labels SOLD OUT, jars-containers extracting
Metal Entrance Disc - Small, $4.00hive-tools hive-parts hive
Metal Frame Rests - Sold in Pairs, $1.80hive-tools hive-parts hive
Queen Marking PLUNGER - 2 Styles$8.00queen-items
Plastic Queen Excluder, $8.95hive-tools hive-parts hive
Metal Queen Excluder, $15.95hive-tools hive-parts hive