Frames & Foundation

Frames and foundations for bee hives.  Wooden Frames, plastic frames. Beeswax foundation and waxed plastic ritecell foundation.

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Foundation -Bees Wax , no Wire - for Deep Frames$2.25
Foundation, Plastic, Waxed for Wooden Frames in Brood Boxes$1.95 $1.80
Foundation, Plastic, Waxed for Wooden Frames in Honey Supers$1.95
Frame Making - Roll of Wire - 1 lb$13.00
Frame Wire Embedder$8.00
Frames -Eyelets for Beeswax Frames - COMING SOON$20.00
Frames, Plastic, waxed 'all-in-one' for Honey Supers$3.50
Frames, Plastic, waxed, 'all-in-one' Brood Frames - Black$3.65 $3.55
Frames, Wooden with Foundation for Brood Boxes - Unassembled$3.80 $3.45
Frames, Wooden with holes for Wax Foundation for Brood Box. (wax foundation not included)$1.80
Frames, Wooden with the Foundation, for Honey Supers - Unassembled$3.65
Frames, Wooden, Assembled for Brood Boxes$5.25 $4.65

Frames, Wooden, Assembled for Honey Supers$5.50
Frames, Wooden, unassembled - for Brood Boxes$1.75 $1.65
Frames, Wooden, Unassembled for Honey Supers (foundation not included)$1.70

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