Hive Components

Hive Boxes, Galvanized Tops, Inner Covers, Screened Bottoms Boards and Frame Rests,    Deeps & Mediums (Supers).
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Bottom Board - Screened Bottom Board$34.00
Bottom Board - Standard$17.99 $15.00
Frames - Metal Frame Rests$1.80
Hive Box - Brood Box, Assembled$26.50 $25.75
Hive Box - Honey Super - Assembled$25.50
Hive Box Inner Covers$20.00 $19.00
Hive Box Queen Excluder - Metal$14.25
Hive Box Queen Excluder - Plastic$5.99
Hive Cover - Aluminum$30.00
Hive Cover - Deluxe Galvanized$35.00
Hive Cover - Deluxe White Aluminum$32.00
Hive Wooden Entrance Reducer$2.50
Metal Entrance Disc - OUT OF STOCK$4.95
Metal Entrance Reducer and Mouse Guard.$6.00
NUC box - 4 Frame Waxed Cardboard$12.50

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