Queens 2022 SOLD OUT



Imported Queens.

Please be aware that there is no refund or replacement of Queens.

The buyer assumes the risk when purchasing an imported queen.

There are many uncontrollable factors that impact the queen from the time it is caged in one country until it arrives at its new colony home in Canada.

During transportation from different parts of the world the queens can be exposed to temperature extremes that may affect their stored sperm, which, in turn, can reduce laying success and ultimately impact colony productivity.

How they are handled between locations is another factor.

How they are stored by the purchaser is another factor.

How they are introduced to the hive is another factor.

The condition of the bees in the hive is another factor.

Even weather can have positive or negative effects.

Introducing the queen to the colony may be done incorrectly

More often than not the queens do well but this is not always the case.

Because there are so many variables we do not refund or replace queens.