Electric 2 Frame Extractor


Electric 2 Frame Honey Extractor.  Stainless steel.  Some assembly required.  Comes in a box.  A sample is available at the store.

The honey extractor body is made from 201 stainless steel and is machine rolled with seamless welding.

Top food grade high polished stainless steel frame can resist rust and abrasion.

Heavy duty, handles up to 2 standard deep, medium, or shallow frames, baskets inside are able to hold as much as 2 frames at once.

This honey he honey gate at the bottom of the tank allows the honey to flow at your will, into a container or settling tank ready for filtering and bottling.

Two clear perspex lids to allow inspection of the extraction process while harvesting the honey.extractor features a 140 W 1.1A, 1300rpm motor with variable speed options.

The assemble is really easy with simple steps.