Ambrosia®Bee Food Fondant (2.5 kg) SOLD OUT

The ready-to-use product is available in 2.5 kg single serving packages. Ambrosia bee fondant is a specially prepared food for bees consisting of natural sugars glucose, sucrose and fructose.


Ambrosia bee fondant is recognized as premium bee food with natural sugars that mimic the food bees find in the natural environment.

A natural, hygienic and effective bee food allows bee colonies to survive winter food shortages.

With the sugar being very concentrated, this ensures the bee food does not ‘go off’. The manufacture of Ambrosia bee food is very controlled to ensure the pH value of the finished product is balanced and suitable for bees, greatly assisting in the maintenance of healthy and strong bee colonies.

Link and more info: Feeding Honey Bees Fondant by Gordon Mackay

We highly recommend the practical single serving packages. Feeding the fondant is quite simple:

  • With the 2,5 kg package, a slit about 2 cm wide is cut on the long side. That allows the bees to take out about 400 g per day for a period of 7 days.  Fondant can also be cut from the block and portioned as needed. The foil keeps the fondant from drying out.
  • The fondant is also recommended for building nucleus colonies and for queen breeding.

Comes in 2.5kg bags. You can also purchase 5 bags (12.5kg) or more for a discounted rate.

This high-quality fondant can make all the difference for your bees during the winter and early spring.

This fondant is soft (without dripping), and is excellent for retaining heat so the bees can cluster on it while consuming.

This product acts as an emergency feed for your bees if they run low on honey stores, or if parts of their honey stores are hard to access.

The bees love this stuff!

Fondant comes in tightly sealed bag, excellent for long-term storage.

For more information check out the Ambrosia fondant brochure here: