Stainless Steel Feeder Disc

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Stainless Steel feeder disc mesh for Honey Bee Feeder pails. Each disc is 2-3/4 inches. Make custom feeder pails with these food-safe, stainless steel discs. Easily embedded into the plastic of any feeder pail lid.

Great for replacing leaking feeder plugs in existing pail feeders, or for use in your own DIY pail feeder.

To make a feeder out of a one gallon pail, cut a two inch hole in the pail lid, then install our mesh screen. You may also buy pails with lids with mesh pre-installed to go directly on your pail.

How to Install:

  • Weld the bee feeder screen directly into the plastic of your feeder pail by heating the screen with a torch, then pressing into the plastic over the hole in the lid.