Pollen Patty 4 pack SOLD OUT

Pollen Patty 4 pack SOLD OUT

4 for $10.00  SALE PRICE

15% Global Pollen Patties.

These can be stored in the fridge or freezer.

Each patty is one lb.

SOLD In packages of 4.


Pollen Patties are great for spring/fall feeding to assure proper pollen reserves in the hive.

They have wax paper top and bottom, with holes for bee access on the bottom side.   The paper prevents patties from sticking together in the boxes and allows the patties to be softer to make them easier to handle, and  to crush more easily under hive lids. The bees access the patty through the holes and chew up the remaining paper in short order

For instructions visit: http://www.globalpatties.com/info/instructions.htm