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Bee-Pro Patties+



A 40 lb Box (40 patties)    $6.00 /pattie
11-39 patties                     $6.50 /pattie
1-10 patties                      $6.75 /pattie

If you are looking for faster consumption and maximum nutritional value, this is the way to go! Overall brood production increased by 1½ to 3 frames more than control hives! Why spend more with the other guy when you can save money and build up better bees?

✓ Balanced nutrition
✓ Not weather dependent
✓ Early brood production
✓ Increased bee populations
✓ Ready to feed
✓ No mixing, no mess
✓ Convenient, go from box to hive in seconds
✓ Each patty is approx. 1 lb (454 g)