Propolis Collector


Propolis Collector mat.

Bees will fill this mat with propolis which you can harvest.

Many beekeepers collect and sell Propolis which can be used in a variety of natural remedies.

Propolis is the red or brown resinous sticky substance made by bees to seal up cracks and spaces in their hive

To use, replace your inner cover or hive mat with the plastic propolis collector. The bees will fill the grooves of the trap with propolis. For best results, prop open your outer cover to allow some light into the hive. The bees will propolise the trap to shut out the light.

To collect the propolis, simply remove the trap and put it inside a plastic bag and freeze overnight. Twist or bang the trap inside the bag to remove the propolis.

Made from high quality, flexible food grade plastic, these propolis traps will last for years of service.

The propolis mat is 10 frame size – dimensions 500mm (L) x 405mm (W)