Beeswax Foundation, Deep, WIRED

$2.25 $1.75

Cracked or slightly damaged sheets are on sale for  $1.75 each.  I have approximately 9 lbs/65 sheets.

Grade A sheets are not on sale.

This is 100% beeswax foundation. It is wired.  Fits standard deep Langstroth hive box.  Chose the Wooden Frames with holes in the sidebars for this foundation.


Crimp wired foundation is the best on the market. The 9 vertical crimped steel wires radiate strength, perfectly milled cells have deep exact walls. We recommend adding cross wires and eyelets in deep frames to increase durability. Foundation is 8 1/2 inches x 16 3/4 inches fits 9 1/8 frames.

Approximately 7 sheets per pound