Apivar Strips – 10 pack


A pack with 10 strips.

Expiration: 2024

(2 year shelf life if unopened)

Apivar is used in the hive when there are unmanageable levels of varroa mites within the hive. 2 strips are needed for each brood box. Follow directions carefully.  This product has no temperature regulations, ideal for treatment when other acids can’t be used. Apivar is a chemical varroa mite control that uses Amitraz.

Apivar® is a Varroa Bee mite treatment in the form of a rigid polymer strip impregnated with Amitraz.

APIVAR PDF Printable Brochure

You Tube application instruction video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnVeYKANSpk

Application Instructions


You Tube application instruction video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnVeYKANSpk


  • Kills up to 99% of mites in one application
  • Continuously released in the colony over a six-week period, ensuring healthy and productive hives
  • Proven safe and effective for more than 15 years
  • Leaves no significant residues in hive products
  • Convenient and easy to use

The manufacturing process used to produce these strips guarantees that just the right amount of active miticide, Amitraz, is released when and where it is needed. Slow-release Apivar treatment contains just the right amount of product to eliminate varroa mites without any risk of toxicity for the bees or any danger of residues accumulating in hive products. The active substance is released simply when the bees come into contact with the strip.

Apivar®  Dramatically Cuts Mite Population

A study conducted by the research arm of the USDA in the spring of 2012 shows that Apivar® was responsible for a 52 – fold drop in mite population compared to an untreated hive. This demonstrates the effectiveness of Apivar’s® controlled – release technology.

Apivar Strips Save Time and Effort

Apivar® is packaged in vacuum-sealed foil pouches. A single application of two strips per brood chamber is sufficient to treat a hive, so you spend less time and effort treating your bees, and there is less disruption of the bees than with many other treatments. Strips are not individually wrapped and must be used within 2 weeks after opening.

Varroa remaining after 6
weeks of treatment (mite fall
during a 3 day observation)
Untreated hives
Apivar® (two strips
per brood chamber)
Positive control
(0.77% amitraz
grease patty)