Formic Acid Evaporator Small


This is a dispenser for  liquid Formic for the treatment of mites.

Scroll down for directions on how to use it

Adjust the size of the openings to control how much formic acid vapor is released.

It can be shut all the way as well.



Place the dispenser on top of the brood frames.

*   15-20mL per deep brood box (full of bees) ie. if it was a five frame nuc 10mL
*   40-45mL MAX per colony
(If it’s hot out lean towards a lower dose, if it’s cool out, lean towards a higher dose.)

*   This is a flash treatment which is effective for 24hrs, re-apply ever 3-4 days 3 or 4 times.
*   Outside temperatures must be at least 12 degrees Celsius and not over 30 degrees and of course use safety gear when applying.
*   Prevent dripping and monitor mite drop, of course keep in mind formic can increase queen loss.

Honey Bee Health coalition – I’ve attached their guide, you can find more information on their website.


Tara Galpin
Apiary Inspector
BC Ministry of Agriculture
250 538 7355


Outside Diameter: 4.75″
Height 1.5″
Material: Plastic  contiainer
Inside:  floral sponge foam disc

The formic acid evaporator is round, it contains a sponge similar to the sponge used in floriculture, the reason for that is that it absorbs well, and due to its lower porosity, it enables less evaporation of liquid. The evaporator on the lid has a movable part through which the opening of the evaporator itself is regulated.