THYMOVAR® Varroa Mite Treatment


Thymovar is an organic treatment for Varroa mites.

  • Less harmful on brood and bees than other treatments.
  • It is particularly suitable for people with low to medium mite levels.

DO NOT USE with honey supers on.

The long-term application protects the bee population from the reintroduction of Varroa mites from other bee hives.

10 strips per pack.


This is a great way to keep mites out of your hive.

 Place two half wafers on the top bars per brood box.

Use 1 – 2 strips per hive depending on the internal volume of the hive.
  • Nucs use 1/2 strip
  • single deep uses 1 strip
  • double deep uses 2 strips.

Ideal temperature for treatment between 12 and 30 Celsius.

85% to 95% efficiency.

Spring treatment =4 weeks before honey flow.

Fall treatment = 6 to 8 weeks (as early as possible).

Complementary treatment with Oxalic acid by dripping or sublimation is required.

Follow the instructions. Thymovar has also been shown to have an effect on Nosema in recent studies.

DO NOT USE with honey supers on.