Vaporizer (Canadian) Heilyser JB600-S SECOND HAND


This Oxalic acid blower fills a 2-story hive with oxalic acid fumes in about 6 seconds. 

JB 600 Torch blower vaporizer treat approx. 8 hives.  6 seconds each.

Every 12 volt battery can be used; the unit comes with a battery holder for “AAA” rechargeable batteries. There is no car battery necessary.  Since heat to evaporate the acid crystals is generated outside the hive, this vaporizer can be used with wooden hives, Styrofoam hives, even Nucs and top bar hives with a round entrance.  To heat the acid crystals – any hand-hold propane torch can be mounted to the vaporizer.

 Demonstration video #1

Demonstration video #2


Developed to provide the best commercial vaporizer on the marked. Strong, quick and easy to use.

No acid cups, no seals or any other parts to replace. No sensitive and damageable temperature control system. Strong airflow without using a compressor. No car battery, no generator, no wires.

No hive opening, filling a two deep hive with oxalic acid in approx 6 seconds.

The efficiency factor in a brood free colony is above 95%