Hive Kit #1 – Single Box.


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This price is for the version that has the unassembled box and frames.

*If you are  NEW BEEKEEPER, we strongly recommend that you Upgrade to the Assembled Boxes and Frames.

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This Kit Includes: 

1 Deep Brood Box, unassembled.*
10 Wooden Frames and Foundation, unassembled
1 Heavy Duty Galvanized Top Cover
1 Inner Cover #1
1 Screened Bottom Board
1 Wooden Entrance Reducer

*Our Hive Kits are Langstroth, 10 frame boxes.


If you are a beginner beekeeper, one hive box will be last you approximately 4-6 weeks after you place 4-5 frames of bees in it from a NUC (nucleus colony).

You will most likely need 3 boxes to get you through the summer:  2 deep boxes (brood) and one medium box (honey).

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*It is recommended that you paint the exterior of your boxes before placing the bees in them.