Fondant by FondaBee


Fondant FONDABEE 1 kg

12 in a box.

Perfect for feeding your bees during the winter months! Simply place an adequate size block on top of your crown board.

The paste Fondabee made from microcrystalline sugar which is very digestible by the bee, so as to allow the bee to take without the need to melt first. The Fondabee paste contains very little water and always remains soft. A high quality product from Belgium.

** not to be confused with bakers fondant that has as well as other things a caking agent very bad for bees.

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Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 11 $8.40
12+ 4.76 % $8.00
  • 12 x 1kg Fondabee by Belgosuc Honeybee Bee Fondant Pouches
  • Ideal for feeding bees during the winter months. Comes in a 1kg packs, just cut the candy into the size block you require and place on top of the crown-board. The bees will feed from it during the winter as they require.
  • Fondabee – Advantages: Ready to use Highest purity and stable consistency. Long shelf life. Effortless extraction and ingestion by the bees
  • Easy to use: Cut a 2inch ‘X’ on the under side, and lay over the crown board hole. Your bees will draw the Fondabee down when needed. We have our own YOUTUBE beekeeping channel – Gwenyn Gruffydd – showing how to use this product