We have ‘paused’ taking orders because we do not want to risk overselling.
We will probably take more orders again but we are stopping temporarily.
If you join the waiting you are not obligated to buy from us, but you will be contacted first. We recommend looking around to other NUC suppliers in order to secure one and avoid possible disappointment.


PRICE:  $285
Early Bird Price till Jan 14: $270

Honey Bees. aka NUCS.  (short for nucleus colony)

They come on 4  frames with a full colony of established bees, with brood, food, eggs, and a laying queen.

All our bees are inspected by the Provincial Bee Inspector.  (never buy bees without seeing an inspection certificate)

Pick up will possibly be late April through June but it depends on the weather and most likely May for most orders.

***a returnable deposit will be also required for the container that they come in and which would we would like back.

Please note that all live bee purchases are considered livestock and carry a “no refund, no cancellation” policy.
Our queens are guaranteed and will be considered for replacement after assessing the situation.


If you ordered a NUC please print thisA Few Tips for Success with your new NUC  written by Gordon MacKay


Thank you so much for your interest in our bees

Remember that we have ALL the bee supplies that you need to get started and to grow with you!

We look forward to helping you in the 2021 beekeeping season and beyond!

Videos on How to Install a NUC

Another one: