Bee Brush$6.50
Bee Escape - OUT OF STOCK$6.75
Bee Escape - Porter Style$3.50
Bee Suit - Tyvek$15.00
Beekeeper Leather Gloves$23.00
Beekeeping Jacket - Adult$80.00
Beekeeping Jacket - Vented, Extra Large Sizes$100.00
Beekeeping Suit - Vented, Extra Large Men's Size$140.00
Beekeeping Suits - Children$60.00
Book: Honey Bee Diseases and Pests 3rd edition$16.75
Bottom Board - Screened Bottom Board$34.00
Bottom Board - Standard$17.99 $15.00
Feed Supplement - Global Pollen Patties 15%$2.99 $2.50
Feeder - Frame feeder, 1 Gallon$12.95
Feeder - Entrance Water Feeder$7.99
Feeder - Frame Feeder- 2 Gal.$17.00
Feeder -Top Feeder - Plastic$21.00
Foundation -Bees Wax , no Wire - for Deep Frames$2.25
Foundation, Plastic, Waxed for Wooden Frames in Brood Boxes$1.95 $1.80
Foundation, Plastic, Waxed for Wooden Frames in Honey Supers$1.95
Frame Grip$14.00
Frame Holder Perch$19.95
Frame Making - Roll of Wire - 1 lb$13.00
Frame Wire Embedder$8.00
Frames - Metal Frame Rests$1.80
Frames -Eyelets for Beeswax Frames - COMING SOON$20.00
Frames, Plastic, waxed 'all-in-one' for Honey Supers$3.50
Frames, Plastic, waxed, 'all-in-one' Brood Frames - Black$3.65 $3.55
Frames, Wooden with Foundation for Brood Boxes - Unassembled$3.80 $3.45
Frames, Wooden with holes for Wax Foundation for Brood Box. (wax foundation not included)$1.80
Frames, Wooden with the Foundation, for Honey Supers - Unassembled$3.65
Frames, Wooden, Assembled for Brood Boxes$5.25 $4.65

Frames, Wooden, Assembled for Honey Supers$5.50
Frames, Wooden, unassembled - for Brood Boxes$1.75 $1.65
Frames, Wooden, Unassembled for Honey Supers (foundation not included)$1.70
Glass Jars 500 ml$12.75
Hive Box - Brood Box, Assembled$26.50 $25.75
Hive Box - Honey Super - Assembled$25.50
Hive Box Inner Covers$20.00 $19.00
Hive Box Queen Excluder - Metal$14.25
Hive Box Queen Excluder - Plastic$5.99
Hive Cover - Aluminum$30.00
Hive Cover - Deluxe Galvanized$35.00
Hive Cover - Deluxe White Aluminum$32.00
Hive Log Book$23.00
Hive Tool - Standard$8.95
Hive Tool -'J' end$9.95
Hive Wooden Entrance Reducer$2.50
Honey Filter Cone$9.50
Honey Gate Valve$8.95
Honey Pail Perch$19.95
Metal Entrance Disc - OUT OF STOCK$4.95
Metal Entrance Reducer and Mouse Guard.$6.00
Mite Control - Formic Acid 4L Bottle$48.00
Mite Control - Formic Acid Pads$0.11
Mite Control - Formic Pro Mite Strips, 2 treatment pack$20.50
Mite Control - Mite Counter Jar$21.00
Mite Control - Oxalic Acid 140g$8.95
Mite Control - Oxalic Acid Vaporizer$42.95
Needle Type Queen Cage$8.00
NUC box - 4 Frame Waxed Cardboard$12.50
One Handed Queen Marking Catcher Cage - BACK ORDERED$10.00
Poster - Life Cycle of the HoneyBee Family$24.00
Poster - The Beekeeper's Year$26.00
Queen Bee Frame and Marking Cage$8.00
Queen Bee Marker Bottle$8.00
Queen Bee Marking Cage$8.00
Queen Catcher / Holder$6.75
Queen Grafting Tool - German$15.00
Queen Grafting Tool Set - Chinese$8.00
Queen Marking Pen - Blue for 2020$10.95
Queen Rearing - JZ/BZ PCell Cups - 50 per bag$10.00
Queen Rearing - Nicot Hair Roller, Mount, Base, Cup$1.85
Queen Rearing Box - Nicot$15.00
Smoker - 4 X 10"$39.00
SOLD OUT - Bee Packages - Arataki New Zealand
T-Shirt - EAT SLEEP BEES$23.00
T-Shirt Bee Whisperer$23.00
T-Shirt, Life is Better with Bees$23.00
Tool - Scraper tool for Metal Queen Excluder$10.00
Uncapping Fork, Heavy Duty$10.50
Uncapping Knife, Electric - BACK ORDERED$39.50

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