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Deep inner Cover, , $28.00hive-parts|wooden-ware|winter-supplies|hive
Spacer Rims 3", , , $10.00hive|hive-parts|wooden-ware|winter-supplies
Nicot Queen Rearing Box with Cell Cups$25.00queen-items
Hive Kit #4 with all Medium Boxes (3 or 4)$253.50starter-kits
JESTER EZ NUC Box - MORE ARRIVING SOON, hive-parts|unassembled|hive
NUC Box - 4 Frame coroplast MORE ARRIVING SOON, hive-parts|unassembled|hive
Wooden Frames - Bundles of 10 - Deeps - Unassembled (foundation sold separately)TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT, , , $19.50frames-found|hive-parts|wooden-ware|unassembled|hive
Queens 2022 SOLD OUT$0.00bees
Beekeeping Suit - Vented$165.00clothes
Formic Acid 4L Bottle SOLD OUTpest-control
Plastic 'All-in-One' Frames, , $4.00frames-found|hive-parts|assembled|hive
Queen Marking Pen - YELLOW 2022, $10.95hive-tools|queen-items
Inner Cover #2 notched, $25.00hive-parts|wooden-ware|hive
Winter Hive Wrap - Double$25.00winter-supplies
Winter Hive Wrap - Single Box$20.00winter-supplies
Mite Counter Jar$21.00pest-control
Assembled Medium Box with 10 Plastic Frames, , $69.00hive-parts|wooden-ware|assembled|hive
Nicot Queen Rearing Hair Roller Cage$1.70queen-items
Half Respirator Mask with filter for Oxalic and Formic$61.95pest-control
Nicot Queen Rearing Kit$55.00queen-items
Child/Youth Beekeeping Suits$90.00clothes
Hive Kit #1 - Single Box.$144.50starter-kits
Hive Kit #2 - 2 Deep Boxes$205.00starter-kits
Hive Kit #3 with 3 Boxes D,D,M$261.50starter-kits
Silver Beaded Honey Bee Bracelet $12.00beekeeper-gifts
Bee Bookmark - metal $5.00beekeeper-gifts
SAVE THE BEES Hoodie$40.00beekeeper-gifts
110 ml Hexagon Jars (4 oz) 158 grams$12.25jars-containers
45 ml Hexagon Jars 24 per box$13.75jars-containers
266 ml Hexagon Jars (9 oz)$13.75jars-containers
375 ml Glass Jars with Gold Lid$13.50jars-containers
NUCS - SOLD OUT for 2022bees
Apivar Strips - 10 pack$49.00pest-control
Hive Tool Set #3$227.45starter-kits
Screened Bottom Board - Pine, $38.00hive-parts|wooden-ware|hive
Assembled Deep Box with 10 Plastic Frames, , $74.00hive-parts|wooden-ware|assembled|hive
Assembled Medium Box with Wood Frames, , $77.00hive-parts|wooden-ware|assembled|hive
Wood Frames with Plastic Foundation -Mediums- 10 pack - Assembled, , , $48.00frames-found|hive-parts|wooden-ware|assembled|hive
Wood Frames with Plastic Foundation -Deep - 10 pack - Assembled, , , $50.00frames-found|hive-parts|wooden-ware|assembled|hive
Hive Box - Medium 6 5/8" Unassembled, , $19.00hive-parts|wooden-ware|unassembled|hive
Wood Frames for Wax Foundation. 10 pack. Unassembled, , , $25.00frames-found|hive-parts|wooden-ware|unassembled|hive
Feedbee | Pollen Substitute | 2 lb. bag$6.95feeding-equipment
Electric 3 Frame Honey Extractor$475.00extracting
2 Frame Manual Honey Extractor$350.00extracting
3 Frame Manual Honey Extractor$379.00extracting
Hive Alive$31.95feeding-equipment
Swarm Lure - Pheromone$5.95bees
Beekeeper Leather Gloves$23.00clothes
Queen Marking PLUNGER - 2 Styles$8.00queen-items
Refractometer for Honey 58-90% Brix$35.00extracting
Assembled Deep Brood Box, , $31.50hive-parts|wooden-ware|assembled|hive
Queen Rearing Grafting Frame 3 slot$19.00queen-items
Metal Frame Rests - Sold in Pairs, $1.80hive-tools|hive-parts|hive
Candy Cap for JZ/BZ Queen Cage - 10 pack$4.00queen-items
Child Beekeeping Gloves$17.00clothes
Ladder for Frame Feeders$2.50feeding-equipment
Gold Lids for 750ml and 500m glass Honey Jars$0.27jars-containers
Drone Frame - Medium, $4.20frames-found|hive-parts|hive
Honey Gate Valve$12.00extracting
JZ/BZ Plastic Queen Cage (Scented) 10 Pack$5.00queen-items
JZ/BZ - Queen Cell Protector - 10 pack$3.00queen-items
Bee Escape - Yellow Plastic Disc, , $6.50hive-tools|hive-parts|extracting|hive
BeesWax by the pound - bulk price options$0.00wicks-and-wax
California Queen Cage$1.50queen-items
Formic Acid 1 Litre$19.95pest-control
Smoker - 4 X 10"$39.00hive-tools
Cut Comb Foundation, Medium. Batch of 10, , $22.00hive|frames-found|hive-parts
Wax Foundation Wired - Deep., , $3.25hive|frames-found|hive-parts
Wax Foundation Wired - Medium, , $3.00hive|frames-found|hive-parts
Wax Foundation Unwired. Premium Thickness. Deep, $5.00frames-found|hive-parts|hive
Bee Kind Car Magnet$6.00beekeeper-gifts
Bee Box Decoration #1 $13.00beekeeper-gifts
Bee Box Decoration #2 HELLO BEE-U-TIFUL $12.00beekeeper-gifts
Decorative Pitcher - BEE HAPPY $20.00beekeeper-gifts
Christmas Decoration - Bee Kind $20.00beekeeper-gifts
Jar Candle - Bee Kind $20.00beekeeper-gifts
Assembled Medium Box, , $29.00hive-parts|wooden-ware|assembled|hive
Bee Packages SOLD OUT for 2022bees
Candle Wicking for Beeswax Candles$0.80wicks-and-wax
Metal Entrance Disc - Small, $4.00hive-tools|hive-parts|hive
Queen Grafting Tool - Chinese$6.00queen-items
HONEY-B-HEALTHY 16 oz$38.75feeding-equipment
Hive Tool Set #1$66.95starter-kits
Hive Tool Set #2$110.39starter-kits
Double Strainer for Honey$45.00extracting
Queen Grafting Tool - German, $15.00hive-tools|queen-items
Queen Catcher Clip Plastic, $8.00hive-tools|queen-items
Frame Bar for Queen Rearing$3.50queen-items
Bee Socks - many options$14.00beekeeper-gifts
Fumagilin-B 24g, $36.90feeding-equipment|pest-control
8 Frame Spacer$1.00hive-parts|hive
Scraper Shovel for Frames and Foundation$8.00hive-tools
Metal Entrance Disc - Large, $6.50hive-tools|hive-parts|hive
Ventilated Beekeeping Gloves$29.95clothes
Spacer Rim 3/4", , $6.00hive-parts|wooden-ware|winter-supplies|hive
Standard Uncapping Fork, $12.50hive-tools|extracting
Deluxe Uncapping Fork, $25.00hive-tools|extracting
Inner Cover #1 notched, $22.00hive-parts|wooden-ware|hive
Hive Box Deep Unassembled, , $21.50hive-parts|wooden-ware|unassembled|hive
Queen Excluder Scraper$10.00hive-tools
Bee T-Shirts Galore$23.00beekeeper-gifts
Hand Made Mugsbeekeeper-gifts
Spiral Notebook - BEE Kind$15.00beekeeper-gifts
Bee Kind Notepad$8.00beekeeper-gifts
Gift Cardsbeekeeper-gifts
Bee Dazzling Honey Spoon$14.95beekeeper-gifts
Candle Mould Release Spray$15.00wicks-and-wax
The Beekeeper's Year - Poster$25.00beekeeper-gifts
The Life Cycle of the Honeybee Family - Poster$25.00beekeeper-gifts
Frame Wire Embedder, $6.00hive-tools|frames-found|hive
Greeting Cards - for Bee Lovers$5.99beekeeper-gifts
Vintage Metal sign - FARM FRESH HONEY$25.00beekeeper-gifts
Metal Sign CAUTION Honey bees Hard at Work$25.00beekeeper-gifts
Metal Sign BEE-WARE$22.00beekeeper-gifts
Metal Signs - 3 options$10.00beekeeper-gifts
Honey Filter Cone$9.50extracting
Wasp Guard for Bee Hives$25.00pest-control
Sweat Band$5.00clothes
Honey Pail Perch$19.95extracting
500 ml Glass Jars with gold lid$16.00jars-containers
Smoker Pellets$7.00hive-tools
FoulBrood Testing Kit$23.00pest-control
Electric Uncapping Knife, $55.00hive-tools|extracting
Glass Jars with Gold Lidsjars-containers
Needle Type Queen Cage, $8.00hive-tools|queen-items
Frame Holder Perch$19.95hive-tools
Wax Foundation, Unwired. Medium, , $4.00hive|frames-found|hive-parts
Thyme Oil$29.95pest-control
Honey Label - Large$0.20extracting
Entrance Waterer$3.00feeding-equipment
Eyelets for wiring Wax Foundation - pack of 100$3.50frames-found|hive
Metal Mouse Guard, $6.00hive-tools|hive-parts|hive
Hive Cover - Heavy Duty Galvanized, $39.50hive-parts|wooden-ware|hive
Propolis Collector$11.00hive-parts|hive
Swarm Catcher$12.00hive-tools
Vaporizer (Canada) Heilyser JB 200$125.00pest-control
Uncapping Knife, Double Serrated, $15.00hive-tools|extracting
Top Feeder - Plastic-$22.50feeding-equipment
Bottom Board - Premium, $20.00hive-parts|wooden-ware|hive
Wasp Trap$1.00pest-control
Drone Frame - Deep, $4.40frames-found|hive-parts|hive
Plastic Queen Excluder, $8.50hive-tools|hive-parts|hive
Vaporizer (made in China)$55.00pest-control
Starter Kits and Hive Kitsassembled|hive
Hive Tool - Standard$8.95hive-tools
Feeder - Frame Feeder- 2 Gal.$16.50feeding-equipment
Wooden Entrance Reducer, $2.50hive-parts|wooden-ware|hive
Queen Bee Frame and Marking Cage, $8.00hive-tools|queen-items
Metal Queen Excluder, $14.25hive-tools|hive-parts|hive
JZ/BZ Cell Cups Bag of 50$12.00queen-items
Oxalic Acid 140g$8.95pest-control
Feeder - 1 Gallon Frame Feeder$14.95feeding-equipment
Wire for wax foundation - 1 lb, , $14.95hive-tools|frames-found|hive-parts|hive
Formic Acid Pads$0.11pest-control
Nicot Cups - 50 Pack$6.00queen-items
Oxalic Acid 1kg$24.95pest-control
Red Cone Bee Escapes$1.50hive-tools
Wooden Pollen Trap Tool, $25.00hive-tools|hive-parts|hive
Honey Uncapping Fork Scraper$15.00extracting