Foundation: Plastic Ritecell, Waxed, Medium


Plastic Rite-Cell Foundation Sheets for MEDIUM Wooden Frames.  These fit in standard honey super (Dadant) hive boxes.  Pre-waxed. Size 5 5/8″

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Plastic Rite-Cell Foundation Sheets for MEDIUM Wooden Frames

Ritecell foundation is high quality, made from food grade plastic and wax coated.

It easily slips into grooved wooden frames and requires no reinforcement.

It is durable and easy to reuse/clean, allowing it to be used for years of extraction.

The foundation includes a textured cell interior which wax moths cannot damage.

Bees take to this foundation very well – the quality can’t be beat!

Size 5 5/8″

Wax moths cannot damage. Textured cell interior.

Deeper cell depth with highest definition.

Heavy weight plastic holds up to years of extracting.

The core of Rite-Cell is heavier, making it more durable.