Beeswax – Clean Chunks Sold by the Pound


$12.50/lb ($27.75/kg)  Our smaller chunks of beeswax, which is the most popular size, are sold by the pound and come from the larger blocks that are sold with a volume price.

Our clean, pure, 100% Canadian beeswax can be purchased by the pound and will consist of a number of chunks that make up the volume you order.

The chunks are small enough to fit in most medium sized sauce pots.

We also sell cotton wicking used specifically for beeswax candles as well a few other Candle Making Supplies

For larger blocks that get a discounted price See Beeswax -Bulk

ORDER BY The pound

100% Pure Canadian bees wax.  Great for candles, beeswax wraps, creams, salves or for beekeepers to use on their equipment.

Our Pure Beeswax is from Canadian Beekeepers and it is very clean and rendered and ready for use.  See Gallery photos.