Hive Kit #4 with all Medium Boxes (3 or 4)


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*not exactly as shown in the photo.

This hive kit uses all medium boxes and the price is based on Unassembled boxes and frames.

**If  you are a New Beekeeper we highly recommend that you choose ASSEMBLED boxes and frames from the options below.

PLEASE NOTE:  Many NUCS come in deep frames so we have included an option to order a Deep box.


  • 3 Medium Boxes, unassembled (6 5/8″ height)
  • Frames and Foundation for these boxes, unassembled
  • 1 Heavy Duty Galvanized Hive Cover
  • 1 Standard Inner Cover
  • 1 Screened Bottom board
  • 1 Wooden Entrance Reducer

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If you are a beginner beekeeper, one hive box will last you approximately 4-6 weeks after you place 4-5 frames of bees in it from a NUC (nucleus colony).

You will most likely need 3-5 medium boxes to get you through the summer

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*It is recommended that you paint the exterior of your boxes before placing the bees in them.

Everything you need to get you through one season.  It comes as an unassembled kit but you can upgrade to an assembled version.

All you need are your bees and you can start producing honey and pollinating your neighbourhood.

These are 10 frame boxes.