Hive Kit #2 – Two Deep Boxes *Unassembled


PLEASE NOTE:  Only the Unassembled version is available until further notice.

The 5% Customer Appreciation Discount has been applied to the price.

This kit  includes 2 Brood boxes   (The other kits have 1, or 3 boxes)


2 Deep  Hive boxes, Unassembled*
20 Wood Frames with Plastic Foundation for those boxes, Unassembled

1 Heavy Duty Galvanized Hive Top Cover
1 Screened Bottom Board
1 Inner Cover #1
1 Wooden Entrance Reducer

* The boxes we sell are 10 frame Langstroth boxes.

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If you are a beginner beekeeper, one hive box will be last you approximately 4-6 weeks after you place 4-5 frames of bees in it from a NUC (nucleus colony).

You will most likely need 3 boxes to get you through the summer:  2 deep boxes (brood) and one medium box (honey).

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*It is recommended that you paint the exterior of your boxes before placing the bees in them.